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that is a manufacturer professionally in cosmetic.lts trademarks
be well-known overseas,they are LIVEPRO,PRO-LIVE,AICHEN BEAUTY,DISAAR,BEST,etc.


Had founded in 2002,its predecessor is SaSa which famous exporter and OEM/ODM
with cosmetics, lt is a manufacturer professionally in cosmetic for the
international great business,include the skin-care,the multicolor cosmetics,
the perfume,the washing & daily use chemical,and the cosmetics of special purpose,etc.


The good fame for long times in international of SaSa had to catch the france LPA's
eye, in 2002/08, the LPA which is a scientific organize for specialize in chinical
studies or practice of active-cell to anti-ageing treatment,cooperate formally
with Guangzhou SaSa by the way of UI,found LIVEPRO BEAUTY COSMETICS CO.,LTD.
And authorize the corporation name as"LIVEPRO"with the contraction of long-live-pros
Academe,and has lucubrated about traditional herbal medicine and cell-activate
for anti-ageing & skin-care,beauty & slim body in china.


resort the technology of LPA,keep ahead in the skin-care,hair-care,beauty & slimming,
successful push out the several great series,as cell energy-actived line,gene active-
cell line,traditional chinese herbal medicine outstanding care line and magnetizaion juice
dynamic hydrating & whitening line(vegetable hydrating & whitening line).
·Thereinto,a majority of production have export to lndonesia,Cambodia,Vietnam,
Philippines,Thailand,Singapore,Malaysia,Russia,Mongolia,United Arab Emirates,Saudi
Arabia,Africa,South America,HK.,Taiwan,Japan and south Korea etc.
·Among them,the wrinkle-erasing & anti-aging,hydratin & whitening,increscent & lifting
breast,slimming products are the most outstanding,they had received recognition & panegyric
at home and abroad market extremely!

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